Thursday, February 19, 2009

My First Love

Almost 30 years, you and I, we go way back
So no matter who I'm with I'll slip away to find my way back
These memories are so clear they seem like just a day back
Like when my number used to start with a two five oh
Every time I'm up in you I feel alive...oh
Remember those times when I would sit out at night
My mom was out doing wrong but you made it all right
You would show me the skyline I would feel your concern &
You would keep me company 'til it was time to turn in
Or the times I would go down so I could see the real you
Bonnie & Alvarado fighting over who could feel you
You've had plenty of lovers and I wont be the last
Like guys who knew you as Eden.. we all have a past
In the blink of an eye time goes by too fast
Sometimes I wanna steal you but no I wont try to
Couldn't do it cuz so many love you just like I do.
There's no place like you, tell me I'm right sis
People who've met Echo Park know how I can write this


  1. omgmgmggggg, juniorrrrrrrrrr.. i didn't know you were a poetttt!!!! this is the cooooooolesttttttttt.. wowwwwwwww.. good jobbbbbb!!!!!!!! i'm honored to be from echo park.. almost as honored as i am to be your sisterrr

    seriouslyyy, sooo coool

  2. very cool bro! I've never been to echo park but have heard and read lots of good things about it.

  3. Nice Poem Art! You packed a lot of visuals and feelings into a few lines. I liked the imagery of the skyline (and could imagine it), the streets, and the steps. I also liked the tug between wanting to keep Echo Park to yourself and knowing that you have to release it for others to enjoy, as it was here before and it will hopefully be here after we're gone.