Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Longer, Better, Faster, Stonger

Th-th-that that that don't kill me. Can only make me stronger.

So I've been trying to work on my speed and trying to become faster. I keep reminding myself to push er myself especially when I'm almost done and I'm headed back up the hill. I've got Jay-Z in my ear saying , "...Go farther. Go further. Go harder. Is that not why we came? And if not, Then why bother? ...

and I can't help but notice the skunks, cats and squirrels on the road who might also have benefitted from a little interval training. (Note to self: "Don't end up like them") Maybe they would have lived to run another day.

Speedy Gonzalez was way faster than his cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez. Was it interval training or did Slowpoke just smoke too much weed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Running In The Rain

Alright so I went running in the rain for the first time last week and I've got to say it is a great feeling to be out there running without a care. I mean my shoes are mesh so they were soaked and my jacket was wet on the inside and outside. I did have to worry about my technology staying dry though. I run with my ipod on my arm and a watch on each wrist. I just started using a Garmin Forerunner 305 and am liking the accuracy way more than the Nike+ that I have (and have racked up over 1000 miles with). I wear the Nike Amp on my right wrist to remotely control my ipod. I think I'm gonna ditch that watch while running and I would've ditched the whole Nike+ in favor of Garmins GPS abilities but the Nike+ website is cool.Anyway back to my story
The rain wasn't coming down too hard until I got about half way into my run but then by that time what could I do but run home. A couple of people were walking their dogs, some people were walking their kids to school and some people were driving by looking at me like I was crazy. Maybe they thought , "Wow that guy is determined". Maybe not. When I do see people out running I wonder how many people will be inspired to get out and run. Sometimes I see older people out putting in their miles and they inspire me. I hope I inspire people.

(My sister inspired me to write this.
What's up Diana?)