Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank You

Music... or should I say *GOOD* music usually makes me think. It's funny how one thought leads to another and that thought leads to another and so on...and so on. Bobby Womack is preaching from the innards of my phone and it's not long before my mind starts jumping from thoughts about my wife to my kids to my parents back to my wife back to my kids. I think about my son the longest. Such a beautiful kid. He looks just like his mother. (No use denying it) There, I said it. He has my ears and he's tall for his age like I was and although he's smarter than I was, he might be just as lazy. I'm confident he'll accomplish so much more in his life than I have. I watch him teach himself songs to play on his guitar. I WATCH more than I encourage and compliment. Note to self: Say what you're thinking when you think it. My Grandpa used to ber like that. He was quiet all the time. I do the same thing with my wife. She'll never know how much I love and appreciate her. Maybe she would if I said it more often. After everything we've been through in the almost 13 years we've been together, there is no one on this planet I'd rather be with. Maybe I should talk more and blog less?
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Everything's Gonna Be Alright

I was sitting in the Police station waiting to speak to the officer at the desk when I saw a man walk in with his young son. The boy walked through the door and headed straight to his mom who had already been sitting there waiting for his dad to drop him off. I put the two and two together and right then and there said a prayer for that kid.
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