Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Throwin' up the "W's"

I'm NOT going to start this post off with a lie. I'll be honest and say I finally MADE the time to accept my sons challenge to a basketball game. In my defense though, the schedule we have doesn't allow us much free time... that is unless you count all the time we sit around in the car while we make our way to and from L.A. I'm glad we finally got to play. The kid has some skills and I should know. I wasn't too bad myself back in the day. I played for Roosevelt High School's B team and would have eventually made Varsity if I hadn't tore 3 ligaments in my knee right before JV tryouts and...well that's enough about me. This post is about him. He hit some nice shots during our games. His initials spell A.I.M. after all so should it be any surprise? He claimed to be nervous during the two games we played and I believe him. As I sat and watched him shoot around after our second game though I couldn't seem to concentrate on one thought at a time. A bunch of things came at me at once. How did he get this old/tall so fast? Is he enjoying this day w/his dad as much as I'm enjoying the day with him and as much as I enjoyed the games I played my dad? Why did it take so long to get out here for a game? We had the small park to ourselves so there wasn't any rush. I left the park with a sore knee, sore foot and the next day felt like I threw my back out but who cares? I also left with a couple "W's" in my win column so I'm not complaining. Hey I have to enjoy them while I can.
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