Thursday, April 30, 2009

All About You

I've been away for a while and although there are plenty of things I can write about like school or running or work I'm going to dedicate this post to someone of whom I am a very big fan of. I know she has at least a few (Milli) (sorry couldn't resist) other fans out there but I am certainly one of the biggest (don't mean physically). Any way I got a chance to see her the other day when I stopped by my Dad's house on the way home from work.She even caught me staring at her at one point. I was tripping out on her and she was trying to get used to my face with a beard on it so I guess we're even. Her personality is great. She's funny. I like how her voice raised the second time she asked my dad if he was going to the Convalescent home or when he and I were talking about something and I'm trying to pay attention to him and I can see her go straight into a dance routine. It's fun to witness the connection these two people have. A connection that at times I regret never having with my Dad the way you often hear a Father and Son should have. I made sure to tell the kids about these things she was doing when I got home. they look up to her. She's their favorite person to hang out with . I wonder if he regrets it too or more even or if he would even agree with that last sentence. I think it sucks that my sister and I never shared the "Brother and Sister" relationship either but it's not just because we grew up in two different households. Trust me that's makes no difference. I had 2 sisters in the house I did grow up in and look at us now. We don't even talk. Anyway maybe that just wasn't in the cards for any of us. I like where we are now, my relationship with my dad and my relationship with my sister. I hope the feeling of "somethings missing" goes away though. I 'd like to have that bond with my Son and Daughter but sometimes I find my self having too short a supply of patience (thanks Mom) to enjoy my kids and the things they likes to do. I need to be like Jim Carrey and say "Yes" more often I guess. Back to Diana though ....I kinda feel like one of those dead beat dads who finally comes around after years of ..well not coming around to jump on their kids band wagon when they become famous. (she's not that famous yet so I think there's still room) There's alot that I don't know about my sister but hopefully I'll get to learn (she's 22 so there's probably a lot she still doesn't know about herself yet either so I don't feel too bad)

OK I could probably go on but I think I've kissed her ass enough. So "Lady Di" congratulations on finishing college. Keep up the good work. You're a good egg.
Your Brother...... From another Mother sorry I couldn't resist that one either.It rhymed.

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  1. hahahahahaha "brother from another mother.." hahha.. it's funny because that makes sense more than when other people say it.. aww, thanks, juniorrr.. yeah.. i guess we'll both be figuring in me out.. i'm super happy and proud to have you as my big brother. like, reeeally. i appreciate all your support. you're a great role model and you have to great kids to show for it. good job, youuu. i guess no golf this friday, but i hope to see you soon anywayyyy