Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just The Two Of Us

I enjoyed last weekend's run so much I just HAD to do it again but this time I increased the mileage a bit and asked my son to join me.
I mapped out the route and made sure his bike had air in the tires and we headed out at 6am. Me on my two feet and he on his two wheels. He of course had the job of carrying a small back pack with Gatorades, Band-aids, and my cell phone.
The total (according to Nike+) distance of our journey was 7 miles. 3.5 miles away from home when we made a u-turn and came back.
He did surprisingly well especially considering how much time he usually spends riding the couch playing video games. He and I also did great working together. He didn't ride too far ahead of or behind me. The first half was all uphill and at times you could almost read the "tired" written all over his face but he didn't complain even after every "Just after that hill, Tony".
We took small breaks to enjoy the fresh air, sights and NO sounds. I told him about the times my dad would take me on 13 mile bike rides to the beach. I had fun then and was hoping he was having fun now. Occasionally, cars would pass by but not too often and that's because if you're on that road, you're either heading into or out of the Angeles National Forest.
The main reason for including him on this outing is I worry a lot about the relationship I have with him. We seem to bump heads way too often. I take responsibility for that. I think that has a lot to do with the low amount of patience I inherited from my mom. I need to change that.
I made it a point to spend some good quality time with my son and I'm so glad he agreed. We had a great time with each other and can't wait to do it again. Just the two of us.
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moment Of Clarity

I went out for a run during the week and although I felt comfortable after the first mile I did allow myself to walk too much after that. At the end of the run I began to suspect my Nike+ was cheating me of hard earned mileage. Now let me cut myself off there. I realize the most important reason for exercising is NOT virtual trophies & ribbons but a healthier life (blah blah) but at the same time I'd like to get what I earned.
I decided to bring along my (GPS enabled) Garmin Forerunner 305 just to double check Nike's calculations.
Nike and Garmin were neck and neck for the first 1.5 miles. The 305 is worn like a wristwatch so it's easy to check mileage/pace/total time. By the time I compared them again at the 3 mile mark, I noticed Nike's mileage had begun to slip.
It was just as I thought. Even though over time the lost mileage and pace will add up (Arrggghh!!!) (JK) I can't say I'm too bummed out about it. (really)
I instantly snapped back to the real reason why I was out there. I began to concentrate on my surroundings AND the fact that even though I didn't feel fast, I felt great. I went out nearly 2.25 miles away from home and in that distance passed over a bridge at the aqueduct, threw a peace sign to the older guy already fishing there, and did the sign of the cross for the dead jackrabbit laying in the middle of the road. I turned back at that point and began planning to make that my sunday run.
I included a picture of the 0.5% mileage difference between the two devices and a picture of some of the road I covered. I can't wait to get back out there. I enjoyed being out there. I was happy to have this so close to home and the moment (hour) of clarity this all provided. It's so hard to get that running on busy city streets.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On To The Next Run

So it's been about 2 weeks since I began running again. I think I said in the last post that I'd be checking in every week. Whoops!! Well anyway, here's the rundown.
It's getting a little easier and I'm definitely enjoying the challenge. I constantly find myself looking forward to getting back out to the next run each time and pushing myself to run just as hard as I always say I will "next time".
I've traded in the Forerunner 305 for an iPod Touch mainly because of the 1200 miles I've accumulated on Nike+ over the past 5 years. I'll get to work reconfiguring this blog to post some Nike+ info so keep an eye out for new widgets. That's it for now, though.
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