Saturday, May 16, 2009


So this was my reward for the 3 mile run completed yesterday. People must have thought I was crazy running at 2:30 pm. It was super hot, my legs were tired and I didn't need my heart rate monitor to tell me that my rate was going crazy. After I finished resting and convincing the people passing by and driving below on the freeway that I had no intentions of jumping, I felt like instead of just turning around I would actually go higher so this next picture is pretty much what I saw when I reached the highest point of my run. The town I live in.


  1. niiiice.. those are some awesome pictures.. dad just dropped my bike off here where i live now so hopefully i'll be catching some good views here and there... i also appreciate the title of this entry even though i'm pretty sure i wasn't that big on that forster book

  2. How transcending are those views? Getting out for me - whether walking, swimming, or driving - is nice because I feel relaxed and free. That's what I get from these pix. You feel relaxed and free. Cool.