Friday, May 8, 2009

I left the house today feeling thankful
Maybe because Mothers Day is just a couple days away
I want to thank Mothers who have helped make a difference in my life
I wanna thank my Grandma Socorro. She contributed to my life's "Blueprint" more than she'll ever know
She'll never read this but she knows this "Pendejo" loves her
I wanna thank my Wife for giving our kids a great Mom to be thankful for.
If this sounds like I am accepting an award then good. It should
I wanna thank God for the Mothers He's blessed me with
And even for the ones he decided to test me with
So Thank you God. Thank you Anna. Thank You Grandma Socorro.

On a side note:
I am also thankful for Randy Newmans " I love L.A." I can't remember ever hearing that song so often. That doesn't belong on a Mothers Day post so sorry bout that

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  1. hahahaha.. how did you find out about those cannnnss.. did you tell dad? i will be blogging next week.. watch outttttt