Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Longer, Better, Faster, Stonger

Th-th-that that that don't kill me. Can only make me stronger.

So I've been trying to work on my speed and trying to become faster. I keep reminding myself to push er myself especially when I'm almost done and I'm headed back up the hill. I've got Jay-Z in my ear saying , "...Go farther. Go further. Go harder. Is that not why we came? And if not, Then why bother? ...

and I can't help but notice the skunks, cats and squirrels on the road who might also have benefitted from a little interval training. (Note to self: "Don't end up like them") Maybe they would have lived to run another day.

Speedy Gonzalez was way faster than his cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez. Was it interval training or did Slowpoke just smoke too much weed.


  1. yayyy mr. carterrrr.. you can be jay z and i'll be lil wayne. also that was funny about the roadkill.. i literally laughed out loud with the note to self.. hope to see you on saturdayyyyy

  2. heyy your blog is cooler than miiiine.. cool nike mini-youu

  3. hey juniorrr, where's tony's bloggg? i tried to search for it on google but no dice