Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Running In The Rain

Alright so I went running in the rain for the first time last week and I've got to say it is a great feeling to be out there running without a care. I mean my shoes are mesh so they were soaked and my jacket was wet on the inside and outside. I did have to worry about my technology staying dry though. I run with my ipod on my arm and a watch on each wrist. I just started using a Garmin Forerunner 305 and am liking the accuracy way more than the Nike+ that I have (and have racked up over 1000 miles with). I wear the Nike Amp on my right wrist to remotely control my ipod. I think I'm gonna ditch that watch while running and I would've ditched the whole Nike+ in favor of Garmins GPS abilities but the Nike+ website is cool.Anyway back to my story
The rain wasn't coming down too hard until I got about half way into my run but then by that time what could I do but run home. A couple of people were walking their dogs, some people were walking their kids to school and some people were driving by looking at me like I was crazy. Maybe they thought , "Wow that guy is determined". Maybe not. When I do see people out running I wonder how many people will be inspired to get out and run. Sometimes I see older people out putting in their miles and they inspire me. I hope I inspire people.

(My sister inspired me to write this.
What's up Diana?)

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  1. heyy this is exciting! good goingg out theeere.. and on here. looking forward to reading more of these