Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Memories In HD

I saw us on TV last night.
Well, at least it looked like us.
You think I'm crazy, right?
That's funny but it's okay.
I know they say hindsight is 20/20. 
Can you explain how my memories were re-running in 720p?
(As if I needed them in HD)
I didn't need to press the remote's info button.
I know the original air date is 1980's.
I remember this episode so well.
I mean I should right?
I've seen it so many times.
This is the one where the police had to be involved..
You were drinking again.
The camera man panned over to me.
I saw myself sitting there, so young and afraid.

I remember at the time wishing those nights were just bad dreams.
Instead you made them memories.
Not much of a difference really.
I can wake up from 'em anytime I want.

I can't help but shake my head & say, "Poor kid" when I do think about it.
Or, really, is it poor *you? 
I remember the self loathing in your eyes.
And now your pain comes through in high def.
All these years later.
You still carry that hurt with you.
I also shake my head at that.
I pray for you.
That you'll find a way to let it all go.
I say the same prayer for myself.
I just want to be at peace.


  1. Powerful stuff. I didn't click any of the reactions because I don't think they fit the subject matter. You've been holding out on us - you should commit your thoughts to paper more often - they're quite good.

  2. Man, hermano. I feel your hurt. But it was said so beautifully. As a mother, I can't sympathize with her at all. You should be so proud that you turned out to be a phenomenal father and man. Much love.

  3. Powerful, aching, strong, beautifully painful. Gorgeous flor y canto Art. You should do more of it.