Monday, August 22, 2011

A Little Help From My Friends

You know when this week began, I had my eyes one thing, the weekend. As I usually do, I look forward to Sunday the most. That's usually the one day my family and I get to take on the day at our own pace. We can wake up late, go out for breakfast, maybe buy some groceries for the coming week and just simultaneously catch up from the last week and prepare for the next. 
    I had a job interview coming up on Thursday and I had mixed feelings about it. I had been down this road before but I was determined to think positive about it. That was a lot easier when I thought about all the great ideas I had for helping not only the library, but the community I was hoping to work for. As soon as the interviewer said he was looking for someone with "ideas and initiative", I saw the green light bulb go off and I'm sure he saw the smile it put on my face. I told him first about my ideas to bring new "peformers" to the LAPL. Passing Lalo Alcaraz the phone number to Library Services turned into something really cool. 
     AztlanReads was another idea I told him about. @aztlanreads is an idea I can't take credit for but am glad to be a part of. @xicano007 had the thought to create an online database/community of Chican@ Fiction and Non-Fiction. A place where people and meet and discuss books they've read and at the same time learn about new titles. @ginaruiz really helped starting up the wordpress account. 
     On Friday, @atwaternc thanked me for my "excellent community love and dedictaion." That really stuck with me. The interviewer told me that my involvement with the community really put me at the top of his list. *fingers crossed*
     Saturday. Saturday came around and the kids had a couple places to be. Karate was first and I was still so excited about @aztlanreads getting off the ground. The follower number was rising and ideas were flowing. @Sarachicad said she was interested in interviewing @xicano007 about Aztlanreads for @TheNewsTaco. That was cool. the kids also had a field trip with their music camp they asked me to chaperone. We were going to the Grammy Museum to check out a "Sound Check" with Amos Lee. I hadn't heard much of his music but I really liked every song he sang. My kids did too so I bought the CD when we left. I appreciated him taking time out of his day to help kids. He made it a point to let them know he was available for as long as was necessary which I thought was cool too. 
      I was lucky to get introduced to @mrmikedelarocha. I told him, "I think I've seen your name on Twitter" (which was true)and it wasn't until I read up on him on his site, did I realize how stupid I must've sounded. He said he would like to help spread the word about @aztlanreads and would also be interested in working with the Library. Man, that was just so awesome. if you're reading this, Thank you, Mike. 
      Sunday finally arrived. I went out for my run like I usually do on Sundays and came back ready to paint. The family and I went out to breakfast first, headed over to Lowes, Anna and I agreed on a color and then came home and got to work. That'll be a post all it's own. 
   Special "thank yous" to @xicano007, @ginaruiz, @atwaternc, @laloalcaraz, @sarachicad,and @mrmikedelapena. You've all taught me not to look past *any days as each one gives us a chance to help others. Thank you. 

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