Monday, July 13, 2009

Going Looooong

Allright so I've had enough of Jay-Z in my ear constantly saying/asking " Get your swag back daddy, Where your focus at?" I hope yesterdays run will be enough to quiet him down for a while. My run was over 9 miles in about 1 1/2 hours.So I left the house before 6:30am and ran from home to a 7-11 in Highland Park. Anna had to stop at work so this worked out pretty good. I made it to Ave. 52 and Fig before 8:00 and she picked me up. Being that this was my longest run of the year, I think I did great. I wanted Tony to join me on his bike but when I tried to wake him up, all he said was, " Think about me when you're running" so I took the hint and ran like know.... Solo. He'll join me eventually. Maybe on my next long trip to Dad's house. He better be home next time. pretty good. Oh yeah just a tip for anyone who wants to run and take a Soy Joy with them. Make sure you have water to drink with it or good luck getting it down.

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