Sunday, June 22, 2014

El Mas Chingon

       Anna and I first saw George Lopez live on stage about 10 years ago at the Gibson Amphitheater in Universal Studios. Laughing at the jokes that at that time we had only heard on his CDs who would've thought years later we'd be invited to hang back stage in his VIP section? Not me but we were and this time, just like at the Gibson, he killed the crowd again.

           It was a cool surprise to see Alysha Del Valle there too. Anna and I have become friends with Alysha based on the work we both do and Alysha's interest and support for both. Alysha was there with her awesome family. Alysha, please thank your mom again for the slice of pizza she gave us.

           "Who would've thought?" is something I've found myself asking a lot over this past year.

Who would've thought...

I'd ever have a book out?

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti would accept one of my photographs as a gift to City Hall and offer to display my book, Lowriting, at City Hall?

I'd be a regular at the Northeast L.A. Artwalk

George Lopez, "El Mas Chingon" himself,  would invite me and my friend, Santino Rivera, to sell copies of Lowriting at his show at the Honda Center because he likes the book and wants it to succeed?

           Anna and I had an incredible night. George treated us to "All Access" passes entitled us to hang out in his lounge area with celebrities like Tito Ortiz and Terrence Howard. How crazy is that!? Oh and 3rd row seats to his show which was as hilarious if not better than his show 10 years ago. This time we were able to see him without watching those huge screens hanging from the rafters.

           I've been a fan of George's for a long time. I read both of his books and am beyond honored to have him in my corner. Wow! Thank you, George. For everything.


          I also have to thank my friend, Mike at Frame Monster for believing in my work, connecting me w/ George in the first place and helping to make this all possible. Thank you, Mike!

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